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25 years


From 50,00 EUR order value

3 good arguments

for EVO Darts

I vouch with my name for reliable, super product.


The idea and technical innovation!

When we decided in 1993 to improve this fascinating game that demands so much skill and concentration, it was clear from the beginning that a piece of material with thread at both ends could not possibly be everything that is required! That cannot be it!

Cutting-edge and new material!
We also were the first having the courage to develop a heavy metal mix which meets the demands required of a dart. Only a hollow body could provide the ultimate advantage over the traditional darts. The F1 description stands for the first succession generation. With this series we had to go, however, new ways, in order to reach a 100 % valuation.
Scientific research and support!
On this basis, tests were carried out by the Technical College in Esslingen/Neckar, Germany, under supervision of the Steinbeiss Institute for transfer technology, an institute that enjoys worldwide respect. We have dared to venture further by offering different lengths of barrels which until now were not common, simply because our tests brought better results than had previously been envisaged.


Copied again and again, nethertheless never reached
Of course there will always be imitators who are trying to save on development costs by copying others. But we find ourselves in good company here – as only the best is always copied!

But ORIGINAL is and will remain ORIGINAL!

To be copied is the most beautiful form of acknowledgment!

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